Thursday, November 5, 2009

November books that knock me out!

This week- I took the young'un- maybe not so young'un to the bookstore. Almost 10... we're crossing a line and she's going to the favorite series aisles.. and I'm looking up at the picture book wall saying- "C'mon- just come look..with me..." So 2 eyerolls later - she's perusing some picture books with me.

I went to the store knowing I wanted to buy Peter de Seve's Duchess of Whimsy. (Philomel publisher) Having done a dance of joy when he started a blog not too long ago; I was eagerly anticipating this book. Commenting on his art seems silly- It's like saying "Oh I love that Da Vinci!" - It's just a given. The art - all of his art - is drool inducing. My hand longs to do what his does.. tracing the curves and swirls of his brown lines under radiant watercolor... ..gagahggghghhhggg- oops sorry drooled there. The story! Written by his wife Randall de Seve- is charming. She created wonderful personalities for him to riff on. Just loopy enough to allow for a lot of fun. Big endorsement here- I would buy anything he does- but this did not disappoint at all!

Everyday - either on blogger or on facebook- I look at this guy's work. Everyday. It's better than Prozac -it is spirit lifting- and game lifting. It has "Joie de Vivre!"- And I can say that cause he's french! -He's an animator- a colorist- and a storyteller and when I saw this book- one look at the monkey and I said PASCAL! Then I saw it was They Might be Giants and snatched it off the wall faster then you can say Istanbul and Constantinople! "Kids Go!" (Simon and Schuster) TMBG and Pascal Campion are a match made in heaven. The book bursts w/ the infectious energy it is trying to well- infect kids with!- The art is alive! It's Alive! Get off the couch and GO!... buy the book!!!!

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Jennifer said...

I totally want Whimsy book. Your IF "Skinny" post is adorable/ excellent.