Friday, June 10, 2011

Jersey Girl

 I thought maybe a good way to recap the NJ SCBWI conference would be to just show my notes in my sketchbook. I scribble down chicken scratch sound bites and doodle thru the days.
Friday's intensive

 Martha Rago's session on Al Yankovic's great book "When I Grow Up" Illustrated by Wes Hargis.
I do this- do you? Dissect the layouts of a successful PB - break down the shapes and how they work the page.

I'm not editing my words here- sometimes I get bored, or have a difference of opinion.
This was was a Children's Book Market evaluation.

 I had an epiphany @ Leeza's first workshop... submitting to TV. - Frying Pan moment

 Leeza's second workshop- I think is what needs to be taken to greater SCBWI. The ins and outs of promotional branding and what gives you that "Hey I know my Sh*T" look. (my words- not hers)

 The last day an agents panel was again- a great learning moment. The role of agents, the relationship with agents is like the movie Inception. I need a spinny thing.... And that one agent- looked like she walked out of a painting from about 1780.
I hope you can glean something from these messy pages. It was a really good conference. Even the bugs in my room agreed.


Edna said...

Love all your notes and doodles, Kelly! Very helpful, indeed. Thanks so much for sharing!! (P.S. The embedded music on this post was a nice surprise!)

Diandra Mae said...

I agree about Natl adding marketing/branding workshops to the line-up. All the information you shared here is what I've picked up from my experience in PR & advertising as well as from online sources: art, marketing, and tech bloggers who've shared their tips to success. It's all kind of obvious information that for some reason, not everyone knows!

Casey g. said...

This is awesome Kelly! Thank you for sharing your experience like this.

lil kim said...

Wonderful post Kelly! Great info and I love seeing how your mind works. Love the mapping out of the layouts for Al Yankovic's book. Fun fun!

Kelly Light said...

Thanks guys- The NJ conf was far better than the NY one. Intimate - with lots of publishing peeps to talk to

Brooke Boynton said...

Thank you for sharing your notes! I loved reading through them... they gave me lots to think about as I gear up for the conference in L.A. :) Thank you!