Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NJ Shout Outs

I wanted to shout out the Art Showcase winners from the NJ SCBWI Conference. There was a lot of great work on display and if you read this blog- you know... I find these competitions not unlike ultimate cage fighting. -;)

The winner :
Lisa Falkenstern Whose work is truly inspiring. Heck- she paints in oil. AND- she's damn good at it.

Runners Up:
Katia Wish Katia is making her mark. She has a unique style and she works a great deal of movement into her illustrations. I'd keep my eye on her if I were you....

Here's Katia's post about the conference - which reminded me to post this info on my own blog. Thanks Katia for being on the ball!

Oh yeah- Me too.  I put in my Hippo For Hire piece. I didn't bring a separate piece of art for the showcase, I thought our homework was going in to the show. When I realized this Friday night, I called the husband and he drove 3 hours round trip to bring me whatever I had a decent print of at home. I chose the Hippo cause - well, Don't we all look at our portfolios and have a few that we say- "OK- I can be a bad ass illustrator!"? - This one says that to me.

So I guess the judges agreed.

 Honorable mention went to: Kim Wood (If anyone has a link - let me know) She did a sweet illustration of a mouse learning karate.

These three illustrators are really great. To be grouped with them is a compliment. Congrats to all of them!


KATIA WISH said...

Kelly - I love the fact that we shared the award especially because we really bonded this time. Your piece is craaaaazy, so many figures! So much work!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Anybody ever tell you how freaking amazing are you??? Cause you know.... YOU ARE!!! Girl this thing is HOT! Oh my goodness how wonderful. Great work.

Kelly Light said...

Thanks V!! I hope you are well and safely moved? Secure and happy!

Katia - can't wait to see you again!

PattiGabrielson said...

Congrats Kelly! I love your work and I love your blog. You deserve every award they give you.