Friday, October 5, 2007

Doodles of the day

The first doodle is a memory doodle of a mother of another student at Mags' school. I walk my 8 mos old golden retriever, Jabba to school most mornings past her and her pug loving friend. They block the side walk. When Jabba was tiny, he endured butt sniffing galore by these two dogs whose owners encouraged them...."Oh look, they're letting him know who's boss..." So, this morning, the now 60+ lb Jabba happily wagged his tail and sniffed the poodle and pugs noses for a few moments when this treasure said"I think they've said hello long enough."- this drawing looks remarkably like her.

The next doodle was from a picture off of the American Girl Doll catalog. I was doodling, but it looks pretty good. Maybe I'll get to color it.

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