Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You can take the girl out of animation...

But you can't take the animation out of the girl!
Yesterday I started my Character Design Course at Schoolism with STEPHEN SILVER. He's one of the best character artists (cartoonists) working today. Perhaps best known for designing Kim Possible. Anyway, I have been drawing since last night and all I can say is I'm clicking my chucky t heels and sayin' "There's no place like home...there's no place like home."

Our first assignment is to design this character from "The Long Voyage Home" by Eugene O'Neill. "The bar of a low dive on the London water front. At the far end of the bar stands Fat Joe, the proprietor, a gross bulk of a man with an enormous stomach. His face is red and bloated, his little piggish eyes being almost concealed by rolls of fat. The thick fingers of his big hands are loaded with cheap rings and a gold watch chain of cable-like proportions stretches across his checked waistcoat."

This is what I came up with.

Clarion books?...eat my eraser dust.


Alex Tucker said...

Hi! I'm taking Silver's course as well. Let me just say, you ROCK. I'm already wanting to burn my examples after seeing yours. I love the great range of emotions and different styles you used! If you're interested in seeing mine, I'll have them posted by tomorrow... just need to do a couple of others before I turn in the assignment. Be kind.

BTW, I get the whole 'middle age" thing. I'm 40 now and feel like I'm starting my drawing career all over again. It's been so long since I felt this jazzed. Isn't it cool to feel that way? (Not the getting old part. The drawing stuff.)

P.S. "Pretty good for a girl." I love it!

Kelly Light said...

Hey Alex! Thanks for the comment! I checked out your stuff and it looks great. I'm excited to see your fat Joe. I'd love to have your computer coloring skills...I struggle with Illustrator and I am SLOOOOW coloring in Photoshop. I reallt need to learn textures too. I suppose we'll all learn from eachother. It's great to get to know fellow cartoonists! Kelly

Eli Edmundson said...

Sounds like a great class. These are really nice character sketches, I enjoyed seeing the enlarged versions!