Monday, October 8, 2007

zoo day doodles again

Went to the Bronx Zoo yesterday, drew some ....

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ms. froggie said...

accckk!!! these are great, kelly! :) too funny the pooddle walker...dogs. OY. i have SOOO had m share of em....(but mustn't bite the hands that feeds us!) --->

i have a Bunch of cbook leads (rep and publishers) for you, when you are ready. people GOTTA see what you do. the BEST advice i have received so far tho..."go to see who they have, and how you could fit in as they are a universal pix of what reps want."

and believe me...when you get there, (if you haven't been already) you get what's missing in your work, or what you need to build. i've hit them 2x already...both personal responses that pretty much say "KEEP GOING, COLLEEN! KEEP BUILDING!"

but, then what? you're with a big agency, one of 45 illustrators and then you get your "niche." i think even then, you will still have to be just as aggressive reminding them about WHO you are and WHAT you can do...dunnooo..just my thoughts.

if you feel like chatting, i'm on msn messenger now...trying to figure out how to animate tea leaves! bye! coll