Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lost (at Starbucks)

I love the show Lost..and am eagerly awaiting it's return. Today I gave myself 1 hour to sip a grande nonfat vanilla latte and draw...and think. As I sat in Oceanside Long Island...I started to draw parallel's between my being stuck in Long Island and those poor schmucks stuck on that island. I am totally for the theory that they are in "purgatory" and now am for the theory that living in Long Island is my metaphorical purgatory. And there may not be an huge polar bear running around...but have you encountered some of these charming individuals? And the invisible colossus killing people, well just read my post on all of the hummers around here.

The others: There was a woman who was brown. Not a woman of color. A woman of the spray on tan. She was like pantone 147 uncoated. (I guess she would be coated)...anyway, that has got to come back to haunt you some day. I HOPE it was spray on, and not pure tanning booth. My cells were terrified just looking at her.

Hurley: And then, this Mom who was wearing too tight clothes on a pudgy body. Oh, I wanted to take her shopping, since I couldn't, I drew her and her daughter who looked like she knew the deal.

Mr. Echo: And the big haired lady. The theory of big butt/big hair...I'm all for it. Being chubby myself, a little poof in the coif, well it doesn't hurt so you don't look like a pin head. But she talked soooo loudly on her cell Mike...who I now know has a hemmoroidal condition. Thanks Big Haired lady, I stopped sipping my latte about then....

Kate: I like the character of Kate, but the occasional unnecessary slow camera pans of her body in panties and a bra...not so much. T & A, it's at Starbucks too. This 20-something blondie walks in...looks at the table of men sitting together, then..poses. One hand in the hair, one hand on the hip, back arched, butt pushed out (ass crack pants) and gazes for about 12 minutes at the menu board.... until one of them notices. Then she orders , turns, sips her straw suggestively...and sashays out. Now if this is not some alternate reality.... then.. I might go insane.

Anyway, If this is my purgatory (which when I was young and catholic the church still taught)- I must try to learn from all of this. Perhaps tolerance, integrate better. I think it's supposed to be a transitional time for me. I am trying to better myself... maybe getting to "Heaven" or "Nirvana" is making a career in art again then moving to New England. Living in a victorian, it can have pearly gates...


ms. froggie said...

hiyyyya, kelly! :) ok, so, what's the plan? you heading to pixar yet? :))) they should be hunting you down! and you ANIMATE! i'd LOVE to see that! it seems like animators just have a very good sense of the to move it, and because of talent, even a static sketch seems alive. does that make ANY sense?

i'm BLOWN away by how quick your hand is,too. capturing freeky peeps at starbux...the woman in the THONG SANDALS...OHMYGOSH! i could feel her plump feet, trapped. screaming for something orthopedic. and the big girl, in the daisy dukes? i just wanna throw a beach towel around her...spare that poor little girl. (btw...that cats eyes eyeliner you picked up on, which i'm SURE she was wearing, wonderful touch.) fantastic characters!

and, have you noticed what a funny writer you are? what a commentary on that beloved island of woody a...manhattan was on last night. kept shaking my head at him and 17 year-old mariel hemmingway. i just don't GET that. he's sooooooo icky! i just can't see it.

thanks so much for the nice things you said about my work. :))) i'm finally getting in some quality time, since school started to really go back into pieces that slammed into my head over the summer. that's one of the first, spooky book. and so far, just that one concept page. but, freelance work, that pays the mortgage, and buys sketchers for the guys...that stuff comes first. and for that, i'm a jackie of many trades. well, i TRY to be! :) reeeally trying to get in with publishers, but i need to build my book with more composed pages...less spots, on-demand stuff.

well, gotta brush 2 sets of teeth and make sure everyone goes potty!

talk soon! so cool to meet you! :)

coll / aka ms. froggie

and england? soooooo overrated. to me, anyway. went to school there. loved the leaves, the accents. but no really good pizza.

Alex Tucker said...

You're really making me ill with your insane greatness. I'm telling everyone within earshot to bask in your brilliance. Seriously.

My sketches for week one are up if you wanna take a gander.

Kelly Light said...

I will write these lovely people back on their blogs.