Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Anatomy of an illustration...

I'm trying to churn out 3-4 illustrations that will be consistent with the look of the BNL and "Taking Flight" illos I've done recently. I seem to be zeroing in on a style that's working, and have to adjust my portfolio/website accordingly. In the past, I felt I didn't have enough "real" examples of work so I put everything in plus the kitchen sink. Now, I'm editing and re-evaluating. I've got a few more cooking, will post as they develop.

When I was 7, my Mom and Dad took the family to Walt Disney World. Obviously, that had a big part in shaping my future. We stayed at the Polynesian Hotel. It started a lifelong love and ongoing dream of Hawaii. If I ever get there... I wanna learn to hula, play the ukulele, sing tiny bubbles, wear hibiscus in my hair and drink from a coconut. I also will buy 2,000 shirts. All of the cliches, I know, but I want that 7 year old's version of Hawaii. So, I drew this up! See how messy I sketch? I'll post the final line and color as I go.

I'm going to another SCBWI conference in June, and then I'll wait for NYC next winter. I think the next NYC conference, I will feel much more ready. So, I'm going down to Orlando, to show my work again, meet my college pal Sara AU,
who wrote the potty training book that I illustrated. I also hope to connect with a talented BNL friend, who works for Disney Parks merchandise. I'm passing along some samples for her to pass along, in hopes of work for the House of Mouse.

So much going on and it's all good.


Anonymous said...

I love it! It's really fun and fresh. I'm assuming this will be a postcard? Enjoy the conference, I've heard great things about it. Hmmm, maybe you should write a book taking place in Hawaii so you're forced to go there for research!!!

Kelly Light said...

Hey Gina,
The Florida conference has an assignment to do a postcard. I think I'll leave all of the type off for a portfolio version. - your drawing a day exercise is going great!

sheree said...

I saw you listed on alicia padrons sit and went to your blog. I really like your character design work --- i used to work in animation in NYC as well --- i see your in Long Island as well? I promise i'm not a stalker. :)

Kelly Light said...

Hey Sheree- I've checked your stuff out as well! Great work, beautiful design. I am in Long Island! Thanks for droppin by! I'll drop by your blog as well!

DaWezl said...

Hey Kelly, I used to work with Sheree, and I can tell you she's a really cool chick! :)

Sheree, I 'met' Kelly through BNL boards, and I've been a fan of her work since I first saw it. :D BTW, I hadn't seen anything you've been up to lately, so I went over to your website. I love the stuff you've been doing as well!!!! :D

-Nancy L.