Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm schlepping on an airplane....

I'm off for a week long tour of Florida to visit the Light family for Passover. Maybe we'll find Elijah hitchin' on the side of the road.. the mini-van door is always open for him! I plan on drawing up a storm, but for now, here are some words of wisdom, well Walt's actually:


Tom Barrett said...

#4 was me to a "T" for the longest time. Always dreaming and talking about illustrating, but never taking that leap and diving in. Now that I have, I wish I had started sooner. But God has a plan, and I'm not one to mess with it! Thanks for posting this!

Eric Orchard said...

Hey!These quotes ain't bad!
Have fun!

angeli perrow said...

I love these quotes from Walt.
They apply to writers (like me!) as well as artists.

ms. froggie said...

hooya, ms light!!!! wow! thanks for the visit to the blog...was a wondering how you are doing!

and apparently you've been pretty busy!...lets see here. you WON the barenaked boys contest! WOO-HOO! awesome! and that lovely, lovely, scbwi ne poster...i love that one. :)))) AND 3RD PLACE! dude! kudos again! :)))

i'm so sorry to hear about your cat but i was very very touched by your illio that goes with it. your characters eyes and expressions speak volumes. (just like mommy p bear and her cubs. so genuine.)

oh and happy belated passover! how were things in the land of 3:30pm dinners and palm trees? take care, froggie