Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm still a little upset over the cat. We're gonna have a service this weekend. I've been thinking about how much mothering was involved in this event in our lives. And how much pets mean in our lives. As kids, they are our first loves. Teaching us to be compassionate, caring, responsible, patient and kind. Being our secret keepers, our best friends, playmates and protectors.

It's brought up thoughts of all of the pets I have had and what I learned from having them in my life. They were all there that day the cat died. Memories of them came bursting forth as I felt that same feeling of love and loss. My daughter has had a lot of fish.. which, with the exception of "Sushi"- didn't live very long. But even they teach you about the frailty of life.

So, kids out there could probably use more books about this. I thought I should show some other emotion in my art than bright cheeriness. Cartoons can be sad. I just couldn't bring myself to make the cat black and I discovered, I can draw and cry at the same time.

I promise to not keep dwelling on this, this was a cathartic illustration.


idragosani said...

That picture makes me want to cry.

I think one of the most touching cartoons on this topic was in Calvin and Hobbes, when Calvin finds the little baby raccoon who dies the next morning. Just thinking about the cartoon just about brings tears to my eyes.

Kelly Light said...

Thanks for the thoughts..I goggled the strip and put it up. I wonder what Bill Watterson does these days? He's a brilliant guy.

Alicia Padrón said...

Now you made me cry with this post Kelly. Your illustration is beautiful... and I agree with everything you said. I've felt that way too when a pet of mine dies.. I find myself thinking of all the others too. It is very sad, and hard. People that have lived with pets know this, the feeling towards them is so big, deep and true.

You did a beautiful job with your illustration, and you are right not all illos have to be cheery. I think you should explore this idea of yours and maybe work on a book about it. All with time of course.

Kelly Light said...

Thanks Alicia. I'm starting to feel a little better about the cat. Doing the drawing helped. I'm going up to the NESCBWI conference next week. I'm thinking about adding this into the portfolio even tho it is a color sketch, to show I can portray different emotions.

Lewis said...

It is true that cartoons have the full range of emotions as they are reflections into ourselves.

I am reminded of when Mel Blanc passed away... (sorry for the very long link)

Havig gone through loosing our little girl Pasha, I often wonder what Muughi feels and thinks, being an only cat now

By the way, here's Pasha's memorial page;

With love,

Lewis and Noelle

Cynthia said...

What a touching illustration. It brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I had to go back and read these posts of yours. We lost one our kitties today. Your thoughts on the topic (and the art) were soothing for my heavy heart.

-- Brett

Ellis said...

Wonderful job on the illustration. I could understand it all when I first saw it, then I noticed the animal spirits included and that made it even better. Great job.