Monday, July 16, 2007

Dog on the brain

Dog on the brain...'cause I've got my 6 mos old Golden Retriever puppy Jabba who I took to the vet today. That's Jabba the Mutt @ 8 weeks old. I love dogs. I had three growing up. A beagle puppy that didn't last long when I was a baby...I don't remeber it, but I'm sure it must have left me with the doggie loving tendancy. Then there was "Mittens". A crazy Lasa Ahpso (spell?) It loved my Dad and brother but hated me. It was one of those dog in the Christmas stocking mistakes. In 1977 we got Taffy out of a shopping cart at the grocery store. She died in 1994. 18 years of the best dog that ever lived. She was a mutt that looked a little like Benji. I still get teary about her.There's also a picture of Taffy's dopleganger, Timon who lives in St. Maarten. I visit him every year when we go. Anyway...I love dogs and love to draw them.
I fooled around with that dog sketch on Sketchbook Pro. Not quite sure of the program. Photoshop is so much more precise and Illustrator so sharp and clean in comparison. Still, not horrible, but not quite the look I was shooting for...First try. I wanted more of the 20's look... I will try again. Now I have some freelance to do for "Buddah Dog" Dog spa and treats Co. I will post that as it goes along. I also have some homework I'll post from my SVA continuiing-ed class.

'Til then...

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