Saturday, July 28, 2007


This is messy. I hope you can get the gist. Two Moms. School drop off. HUMMER. No parking zone. Cell phone. HUGE ass sunglasses. Toe nail polish... "It's a new color, it's called Carbon footprint." "Isn't it cute?" "Cute! Ooooo... I want that ! "

I hate Hummers. No one needs a car this big! B-Sh*t! And I always see women driving them. I wasn't aware women had entered the car as "Mine is bigger than yours.." argument... I can not stand the conspicuous consumption especially in the face of the climate crisis.
Can you tell I'm angry!? I'm angry.


Christine O. said...

Yeesh...sounds awful. I knew there was a reason why I moved to the land of the tree huggers. :-)

The last time I was in NJ, I was shocked at how many Hummers I saw. I saw most of them in the town next to my parents'. It's a poor town, so I couldn't believe my eyes.

Kathleen said...

Kel, I'm with you about the Hummers. I feel bad enough driving a Honda Pilot! We have Hummers all over NJ. If the Iraqis are suddenly attacking us on a weekly basis -- then OK, maybe a Hummer isn't such a bad idea. But last I checked -- no grenades or air attacks on the Northeast as of yet. They literally drive these things to Starbucks and then to Neiman-Marcus and then go home to the nanny.

Meanwhile -- how FABULOUS are your sketches? This blog is such a great idea. xo K.