Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pretty Good for a girl? Wha? WHo? WHy?

"Pretty good for,... a girl." I heard this a lot growing up, in high school, in college, and even in the work world. Hence the name for the blog. Sometimes it was said differently, "I've never seen a girl draw like you before." or " You draw like a guy" or "How do you know about Heavy Metal or Tex Avery or the Brothers Quay or whatever..." I remember being the only if maybe one of very few girls in the comic book shop. (This was the 70's and 80's- when I saved my change to buy Archie comics) Or being picked to be vice president of the Art Honor Society in High School behind a guy who had no intention of pursuing art as a career(he's a lawyer). I worked in an all guy animation studio during school and took film classes that were filled with all guys. Out in L.A. I was asked out during a job interview. Because I was a girl who could draw. Working professionally there were 2 women in the art department to a dozen men. During an animation workshop ...oh there's just too many tales to tell! The worst experience I ever had: College: Ralph Bakshi- big rotoscoping god in animation (Lord of the Rings, American Pop, Fire and Ice, yadda yadda..) ...comes to campus-to speak to film students. I go...hungry for any info about how to break into animation. I'm the only girl in a hundred seat auditorium. I listen as he talks about his career, he's funny, he's arrogant..I muster up the courage to ask a question during Q&A: "Mr. Bakshi, historically, animation has been predominantly a field filled with men animators? Is that changing? Are you seeing more women animators, are more doors opening for women?" His reply: " (Laughter-not a good start) Women don't have the stamina it takes to do animation. Honey, stay home and make babies. "(laughter fills the room) NO LIE!! He actually said that! In 1991-no less! Can you believe that???
Things seem different today, I hope I am right. I see so many websites and blogs by such talented young women. Doing exactly what I wanted to do years ago. Way to go! I admit I am envious but I feel much more awe at what they are doing. I will talk about them more later...
This sketch was done today at my life Drawing session. Every Tuesday 10-12:30. Chris is the model, he's 25. Makes me feel old. - Kel

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