Thursday, July 19, 2007

This bird has flown..

Harry Potter. I'm sure those of you who don't care must be sick of all the hype. But for those of us who care, and care's a pretty big deal this last book. I have often said that Harry potter saved my life. I was SO postpartum depressed the year after my daughter was born. My brother gave me the first two books for my birthday. I went away for a weekend, brought the books.. and my brain rebooted. I felt it happen. My imagination was jumped like a car engine that had died. BOOM!
I love Harry Potter. I love Hogwarts school of Magic. I love Hedwig. This owl has been one of my favorite characters. It's got attitude. Pecking Harry when it's pissed off. Hooting hello and flying off to wherever Harry sends it. Now, I want to imagine Hedwig flies off at the end of book seven. Maybe just maybe, if we wish hard enough, we'll see this snowy owl again.

Addendum:I just read the first few chapters... Hedwig died. I am afraid to read the rest, I'm already crying.


Christine O said...

Yeah, I was *really* bummed at the death of Hedwig. Won't say more about the book until I know you've finished. I spent Saturday reading it. I'm sorry it's over.

Kelly Light said...
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Kelly Light said...

It should have been marketed with a box of tissues...three dead so far... Kel

Anna said...

I love HP and I too thought Hedwig was beautiful. I was at the store at midnight at every book release, though I marveled at the parents that brought their 1 and 2 year olds along. They just put them to sleep under the book tables, it was insane. It could be the cold medicine talking, but does that owl look like a flasher to you?