Monday, July 16, 2007

Today..Part Deux

So since I'm new to blogging..let's fill up the blog so it doesn't look so skimpy... These are my sketches for a homework assignment from SVA continuing-ed. My teacher is a quite accomoplished children's book Illustrator named Elizabeth Sayles. She's over in my links... The class is supposed to whip our portfolio's into shape. It's forcing me to focus on this thing I want called a career as an illustrator. So, the assignment was to interpret an article on jet lag. My concept being this couple taking a trip of a lifetime around the world. He's asleep in every shot, she's got that same vapid silly tourist smile. There's two more in the series. The last being of her passed out in the airport to go home and him wide awake and wired and wearing all souvenir cheesey..stuff. If only I could condense it into one image. But I still think in panels like a comic strip..I will work on that.... I like my drawings tho. I usually like my drawings more than my finish. I hope to do these in Illustrator, maybe they'll be done by the end of the class. I've got another Illustration on the back burner...I'll add that later.

I thought I would go into who I am next post..what I've done and such. I do actually have some history as a working cartoonist and some of it is kind of interesting. .. really.

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